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Ranthambore Safari Booking Procedure

In order to go ahead with an online jeep safari booking and canter safari booking, you have to follow some procedures. The booking also requires you to provide some vital information regarding yourself :

1. The very first step is visiting the page Click Here For Information On this page you to provide every detail and required information like: Sex, Age, Full Name (exactly as the ID card has it).
2. Choose the safari timing (Afternoon/morning), Ranthambore safari date and the type of vehicle you want to travel in (Canter/Jeep).
3. Provide the numbers of identity cards accurately for all the visitors: various other IDs provided by the government, Number of the Driving license, Pan Card, Aadhar card and voter ID card number.
4. For those who are foreign nationals, their passport will work as the valid ID card.
5. You need to pay the entry fee for the safari in advance.
6. You have to carry the same card of identity that you used during the process of Ranthambore online safari booking.
7. Booking canter/jeep safari the Ranthambore NP depends on the availability of seats
8. The official safari zones randomly so you cannot set your preferences
9.  Before the schedules safari begins, our teams shall pick you up from the boarding place of yours.
10.  You can opt for Tatkal Booking and buy safari permits from Ranthambore's booking counter. Quota of Tatkal booking is meant for both Indian visitors and foreigners but with extra charges. So, anyone who has no permit in advance, you do not have to because bookings can be done from the facility of Tatkal booking.

Things to consider before the Ranthambore Safari Booking
Some of the basic things that you need to keep in mind before you go ahead with the Ranthambore safari booking, are mentioned below.

01. You can book for the safaris from our website Click Here For Information but only ninety days before you will make the trip.
02.  The safari can be booked online by paying required fees which are inclusive of canter or jeep fee/guide fee, entry fee and the accommodation charges. All of the mentioned are mandatory except accommodation fee because that is optional.
03.  Safari services are available in only two shifts, the afternoon and the morning shifts.
04.  Public safari tour is permitted during October-June each year. Each shift is three and half hours long. There are twenty canters and twenty jeeps in total. If you wish you can make an offline booking but, after booking the fee is non-refundable.
05.  Only two vehicles work as safari vehicles and those are jeeps and canters. Jeep has six seats while canter has twenty seats. A total of twenty jeeps and twenty canters each are there for the safari shifts. Both of them have open sides and tops.
06.  Ranthambore's Jeep Safari allows for a jungle tour that accommodates six people as the Jeep is a six-seater vehicle. Therefore you can opt for jeep safari booking and canter safari booking.
07.  It is mandatory to have a registered naturalist, tracker or guide's company because they are locals who are aware of the animal's behavior and locations.
08.  Booking is on first-come-first-serve basis.
09.  You should mention the dates on which you are willing to go for a drive as well as the time of the Safari that you are comfortable with. There are two safari sessions, and those include the afternoon as well as the morning session. You need to send in the details like the vehicle kind you are willing to choose between a canter and a jeep.
10.  Before 2018, the online booking could be done only ninety days prior to the safari. But, with effect from 2018's 15th September, the booking for the Safari can be made online, and this online counter is open the entire year. Therefore, you can make bookings a year ago to avoid any kind of disappointment.