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Om Rudrapriya Resort Ranthambore

Are you looking forward to living in a world of tranquility and relaxation? An exploration act is an instinct. For your entire lives, people often tend to explore and to grill the facts that are buried deep in nature and life. Wildlife is one aspect that people connect and relate to invariably. Exploration of wildlife and forest expedition, are things that grip the fancies. When you want to feel the fun, you have to be wild. Believing and knowing in this very fact, have helped the owners of Om Rudrapriya, Ranthambore to arrange a fantastic destination for chasing wildlife. Tor making the stay exclusive, amidst the wildlife with modern and stately arrangements accompanies by the mesmerizing theme of wildlife safari.

Specification of the resort
One of the most exciting Ranthambore national park resorts has to be Om Rudrapriya. It is indeed an exquisite holiday resort that is located roundly on the edge of the magnificent Ranthambore NP. By all means, it is one of the unique hotels that hold glamour, sense, and narration of the Bengal Tiger. It is completely fitted to capture the fantasy. The resort has a bar, relax and spa centers, restaurant, swimming pool, handicraft shop as well as a conference hall. Guests have the provision of enjoying outdoor and indoor games.

Expect great hospitality
The deluxe luxury hotel Om Rudrapriya, is one of the elegant luxury Hotels in Ranthambore. It houses all kinds of modern amenities that make the stay memorable and comfortable. A sprawling green area within the hotel feels like heaven. If you are looking for an experience of a lifetime with high-end facilities and premium services, during the stay then Om Rudrapriya it is. Enjoy wildlife safari here, the fauns, flora, natural beauty and the marvelous view. Amidst great hospitality, you can catch a glimpse of the majestic big cats.

The Holiday resort of Om Rudrapriya has to be one of the grand resorts in Ranthambore that offers an extensive accommodation range. Accommodation options involve a total of thirty-two deluxe-rooms luxury O4 suites to the guests. For view, there is a stunning looking garden that has been landscaped with all the rooms. You will be enthralled to know that the rooms have western furnishings and they are excellently designed. The rooms are air-conditioned with modern amenities like cold and hot running water, slippers, satellite TV, hairdryer as well as an attached bathroom.

Other rooms:
Om Rudrapriya has suite rooms for the honeymoon with similar facilities.

Enjoy delicious meals
The resort is equipped well with bar and a multi-cuisine restaurant. For anyone who loves to self serve, there are buffet meals offered. One of the greatest highlights of the resort has to be a wide variety of cuisines that the chefs serve, and these involve Indian, Rajasthani, Gujarati, Tandoori, Continental, Indian, and Chinese food.