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Tree House Anuraga Palace

Imagine a place in the world where time shall be standstill - a place where the tiger's distant roar, echoes in the Aravalli's majestic foothills. Treehouse Anuraga Palace, Ranthambore is the place where modernity meets tradition. It is undoubtedly one of the most exquisite resorts in the Ranthambore region. From banquets to spectacular adventures in the jungle and private retreats, the resort promises the most memorable time for anyone out there. If you are a fan of experiencing the perfect combination of luxury and wilderness, then you need to step into history's magical world. It will undoubtedly provide you with an experience that cannot be expressed in words.

Oldest hotel
Treehouse Anuraga Palace is one of the oldest Ranthambore national park resorts. It has transformed itself to be the finest and luxurious resort while preserving the ancient heritage it has. The entire hotel is decorated in the style of an old and traditional Haveli in Rajasthan. If anyone sees the resort for a minute, they feel a sense of calmness within because it is entirely done in the pristine color white. It has a sprawling area and offers some of the best modern amenities for the business and leisure travelers. The resort has a total of four plus suites and forty-six rooms, overlooking the verdant plush green lawns. It is equipped with facilities for intrepid tourists, weddings and conferences. Therefore, make your mind for being transported to a different world altogether.

Hotel's hospitality
When you enter Tree House Anuraga Palace, which is one of the most exquisite resorts in Ranthambore, you feel like you have stepped into a unique world. Here is the supreme reigning element is hospitality to the guest, and every guest has felt the warmth whenever they happened to stay here. The lobby is adorned with breathtaking motifs, and intricate floral patterns exist in every room. It has been created and conceived by one of Sawai Madhopur's oldest families. Rajasthan’s Meena community influences tribal motifs of art. Hence, it has its aura which no other resort can compare.

Experiential bespoke resort
The Tree House Anuraga Palace is one of the most decorated Hotels in Ranthambore. The aura it has is because of its inspiration that it dries from Rajasthan's rich culture. You will be transported back in history once when you see it. The resort is exceptionally spacious and is also well-equipped. Some of the facilities that guests can enjoy here include spas, an outdoor area for play, and various other recreational amenities. If you have always thought of unwinding before an aquamarine café by the poolside, then Tree House Anuraga Palace allows you to do that. Wildlife lovers can chase the tiger’s elusive footprints while enjoying day trips.