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  Ranthambore Safari Charges

Ranthambore Safari Charges

The National Park of Ranthambore is top-rated amongst the wildlife tourists. And, because of the forest safari offered by the administration of the Park, you can explore the rich fauna and flora. Majestic tigers are found here during the broad daylight, and they also do not get scared when the humans and jeeps are around. There are separate Ranthambore safari charges for the jeep and the canter. You can choose from two kinds of vehicle for safari and these include canter and the jeep. Jeep has six seats and canter has twenty seats. Since there are only two shifts offered, you can choose to wither the afternoon shift or the morning one. Public safari tour is permitted during the span of October-June each year. Each shift is three and a half hours long. There are twenty canters and twenty jeeps in total. If you wish you can make an offline booking but, after booking the fee is non-refundable

The charges
The permit charges and the jeep charges are divided into two parts. So, for a six-seater jeep, safari tour operators charge 1700 INR/passenger from Indian nationals and 2900/per passenger for foreign nationals. In case you have chosen a 20-seater canter, the safari tour operators charge 1400 INR/passenger from Indian Nationals and 2400 INR/passenger for foreign nationals. There are separate charges for an exclusive safari. For instance, if you choose a half-day safari, the safari tour operators charge 46000 INR as ticket cost per Jeep from Indian nationals and 56000 INR from the foreign nationals. Lastly, for a full-day safari, the Indian nationals have to pay 57000 INR/Jeep, and foreign nationals have to pay a safari cost of 72000 INR/Jeep.

Types of the jungle safari

Safari by jeep
Ranthambore's Jeep Safari allows for a jungle tour that accommodates six people as the Jeep is a six-seater vehicle. Most people derive the best experience of viewing with the Jeep. This vehicle is considered one of the best options is most preferred and is suitable for wildlife photography. Core enthusiasts of wildlife always prefer to take a jeep safari rather than a canter. One of the principal reasons for that is because Jeep can traverse narrow places and easily can trail wild animals without making noises. Therefore, your chances of spotting the tiger get better. Moreover, you get the closest view of wildlife. Also, few seats within a jeep denote that your family and friends can book all seats for trailing the wildlife according to your wish. This booking of the can be made within the allotted slot of time and zone. Safari of the Jeep is organized in double shifts, and per turn seventeen vehicles are allowed.

Safari by canter
Canter Safari inside the Ranthambore Jungle allows for a maximum of twenty people as it is a 20-seater. This vehicle has all its sides open and offers the best experience in viewing. Safari through a canter may not be as exciting as a safari in the Jeep. But, it is one of the most economical ways in terms of price, for exploring the forest. Another important reason that makes canters favorable is the fact that jeep booking gets over quite fast as it offers lesser seats. With a Canter, you can easily book the seats. Safari through a canter happens in two shifts during the day. A total of twenty canters are allowed for each turn. However, the tourist number is higher, and it is one of the sole reasons as to why you must make bookings. There are a total of ten safari zones, and each of them is allotted randomly to the safari vehicles.

The timings
Timings of exit and entry associated with the Park vary as per season. In the winters, because of shorter daylight duration, the entry time during mornings is later while the exit time is earlier. Hence this means that the timings of the jeep safari in Ranthambore are dependent on the sunset and sunrise timings. Safaris are usually allowed thirty minutes before sunset or after sunrise. So the schedules greatly vary with seasonal changes.

  • Till 31st October from 1st October it is 7:00 am, with afternoon safari is 2:30 pm onwards
  • Till 31st January from 1st November, morning safaris are from 7:00 am, with afternoon safaris from 2:00 pm onwards
  • Till 31st March from 1st February, the safari in the morning starts at 6:30 am with afternoon safaris from 2:30 pm onwards
  • Till the 15th May from 1st April, the safari during the mornings begins by 6:00 am and the afternoon safari starts at 3:00 pm